Accessibility & COVID-19 Information

More information about accessibility will be added as details are confirmed. The venue will be wheelchair accessible and the outdoor grass portion will have modifications to make it accessible.

Breastfeeding parents may utilize any space in the building.

FTZF is a scent-aware, smoke-free space. While we cannot guarantee a scent-free space due to the size of the event, we ask that participants please refrain from wearing fragrances the day of the event to make our space more accessible for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. No vaping or smoking is allowed inside FTZF.

Service Animals are welcome at the event. Pets and all other animals that are not service animals are not allowed.

COVID-19 Policy:

In order to protect our tabling zinesters and community from COVID-19, we are requiring that all participants and attendants wear facemasks and remain masked while indoors and outdoors. All attendees and zinesters, who are able to, are required to wear high quality masks. We will be providing an array of KN95s, N95s, and P100s courtesy of @maskbloc614. If you need to remove your mask to drink, eat, or otherwise care for yourself, please make sure to be outside and distance yourself from others. We will have volunteers who can watch your table.

This event is facilitated by and for disabled and immunocompromised community members. While we understand mask mandates have become no longer common during events, we ask that you mask during FTZF as a sign that our space is safe and welcoming to everyone. We all deserve the same access to community events, especially ones that celebrate zines!

Do not attend if you are feeling ill, not taking precautions, or you’ve been exposed to someone who is ill. Your health and the health of our community are most important. There will always be more opportunities to participate in the future! Thank you.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of the event, please contact us at