Safer Spaces Policy

This Safer Space Policy is inspired and adapted from Grand Rapids Zine Fest, Olympia Zine Fest, and Kansas City Zine Con.

As GRZF writes in their policy: "Our safer spaces policy is not a guarantee of a perfect space; it's a commitment towards a safer one". To us, our safe spaces policy is a community agreement that we hope will allow us to create an inclusive, fun, and most importantly, safe space for all. We all have a role to play in creating this!

Olympia Zine Fest lays out these guidelines for how to help create a safer space:

  • "Inquire about and respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others."

  • "Respect peoples’ differing opinions, beliefs, and perspectives."

  • "Always get explicit consent before physically touching another person, photographing them, or crossing other personal boundaries."

  • "Be aware the original intent of your actions and words is not always how they will be received, and respect those you are engaging, with a willingness to adjust your behavior to promote a safer space."

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination (homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia, any form of religious intolerance, all of the "isms": ageism, racism, classism, sexism, sizeism, etc.).

Please reach out immediately to an event organizer if you find any individual's behavior to be oppressive or problematic and we look into the issue and take action. We reserve the right to ask any participant who violates our safer space policy to reconcile their behavior or to leave. Thank you for helping us make a more loving and kind space for all!